DETAILS:✦ 14k white gold✦ 18.56mm x 22.62mm✦ Blue Sapphire .56crt♥ The perfect gift for a loved one♥ Made in the USA☎ Please contact us at the bottom of our page, or send an email if you have any question...
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Discover grace around your neck with our Elegant 14k Gold Necklace, featuring a lustrous moonstone gemstone pendant that exudes timeless sophistication. DETAILS:✦ 14k yellow gold✦ Side diamonds .07crt✦ Moonstone4.15crt✦ 9mm wide x 22mm length♥ The perfect gift for a loved...
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Exude class and sophistication with our dark blue sapphire elegance hoop earrings. DETAILS:✦ 14k white gold✦ Sapphires .40crt♥ The perfect gift for a loved one ♥☎ Please contact us at the bottom of our page, or send an email
Emerald Earrings White Gold
These beautiful emerald earrings are going to match your favorite outfits. Wearthem to your next event and be excited about how they’ll dazzle. DETAILS:✦ 14k white gold✦ Emeralds 1.16crt✦ Diamonds .38crt♥ The perfect gift for a loved one♥ Made in...
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Emerald Earrings
Do you own a pair of emerald earrings? If not, it’s about time. These stunning 14kwhite gold earrings are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you put themon. DETAILS:✦ 14k yellow gold✦ Natural emeralds 1.56crt✦ Diamonds...
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Ceylon Sapphire Earring
These Ceylon sapphire earrings are absolutely beautiful. Add them to your carttoday. DETAILS:✦ 14k white gold✦ Ceylon sapphires total .90crt✦ Diamonds .46crt VS2-G♥ The perfect gift for a loved one♥ Made in the USA ☎ Please contact us at the...
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Tanzanite Earrings
You’re going to find yourself constantly reaching for these Tanzanite earrings everytime you want to add some bling to your outfit. DETAILS:✦ 14k white gold✦ Side diamonds halo set .38crt VS2-G✦ Center stones natural Tanzanite total weight 2.25crt♥ The perfect...
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Mabe Pearl Earrings
Are you looking for a pair of earrings that will dazzle a crowd? Our Mobe Pearl Earrings are exactly that. They’re made with beautiful diamonds, yellow gold, and mobe pearls to create an elegant style.- Handmade item - Materials: Yellow...
Black Diamond Shaped Earrings
These earrings make a beautifully elegant statement. They’re perfect to wear to a formal event, a cocktail party, or as a gift to someone you love. - Handmade item- Materials: Yellow Gold- Gemstone: Diamonds DETAILS:✦14k yellow gold weight 3.70gr ✦Diamonds...
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Turquoise Diamond Earrings
These Turquoise Diamond Earrings are a beautiful combination of elegance and vibrance. The beautiful turquoise centers add a pop of color while the diamonds add a sense of sophistication. - Handmade item- Materials: Yellow Gold- Gemstone: Diamonds, Natural Turquoise DETAILS:✦14k...
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Rose Gold Amethyst Flower Stud Earrings
Amethyst Flower Earrings make an amazing gift for someone you love, or even yourself! These earrings are the perfect pop of color for everyday life. - Handmade item- Materials: Rose Gold- Gemstone: Amethyst, Diamond DETAILS:✦ 14k rose gold studs weight...
Genuine Garnet Stud Earrings
These genuine garnet earrings have a delicate diamond halo that makes them sparkle. If you’re looking for a pair of beautiful stud earrings, then you’re going to want to act fast to scoop up this one-of-a-kind set. - Handmade item-...
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Genuine Ruby Dangle Earrings
These drop earrings are made with genuine rubies and they’re absolutely elegant. The diamond halos help the rubies sparkle. The slight dangle of the earrings makes them glisten in the light as they sway around. - Handmade item- Materials: Yellow...
Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings
These stud earrings are perfectly dainty. If you’re looking to add a bit of bling to your life without making too bold of a statement, then these earrings will work perfectly for you! - Handmade item- Materials: Yellow Gold- Gemstone:...
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